Saturday, September 12, 2009

Starting off with a bang!

Just one day before the 'Hawks '09 opener seems like the perfect time to start a blog, and what better way to start it off than with a schedule prediction?!?

So here goes, I marked the games I believe the 'Hawks should win as W's, the games I think are going to be too close to call as S's and the games where a 'Hawks win would be surprising (and fantastic) as L's:

9/13 St. Louis Rams 1:15 p.m W
9/20 at San Francisco 49ers 1:05 p.m. S
9/27 Chicago Bears 1:05 p.m. W
10/4 at Indianapolis Colts 10 a.m. L
10/11 Jacksonville Jaguars 1:15 p.m. W
10/18 Arizona Cardinals 1:05 p.m. W
11/1 at Dallas Cowboys 10 a.m. L
11/8 Detroit Lions 1:05 p.m. W
11/15 at Arizona Cardinals 1:15 p.m. L
11/22 at Minnesota Vikings 10 a.m. L
11/29 at St. Louis Rams 10 a.m. W
12/6 San Francisco 49ers 1:15 p.m. W
12/13 at Houston Texans 10 a.m. L
12/20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:15 p.m. W
12/27 at Green Bay Packers 10 a.m. L
1/3 Tennessee Titans 1:15 p.m. S

Based on that I think the 'Hawks are going to be about .500 this year, which will be a great turn around after last years disaster.  The high end would be 10-6 and the low 8-8.  Injuries for the 'Hawks and their opponents could be key as well as who is still in contention towards the end of the year.  I certainly hope the 'Hawks surprise me and turn around their awful record on the road (even in '05 with a weak schedule they still lost 3 road games).

Total: 8 Wins, 2 Splits, 6 Losses

Home: 7 Wins, 1 Split

Road: 1 Win, 1 Split, 6 Losses

Division: 4 Wins, 1 Split, 1 Loss

Conference: 7 Wins, 1 Split, 4 Losses

Non-Conference: 1 Win, 1 Split, 2 Losses

All in all, I think the Seahawks are going to come out on top of the West this year, that week 17 game against Tennessee could be very important.  Here's to the best!


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