Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keys to the game in review

Okay it's only fair to critique my pregame keys following the game.

1) O-Line provides the time.  Well Hass didn't get sacked even once.  Let's check this one off.

2) Sacky, sacky, sacks I love sacks.  I didn't see too much 'early' pressure, but we definitely put the hammer down over the course of the game 3 sacks and a handful of pressures (plus that near pick by Tapp in the first quarter... sweet).  Let's give this one half of a check.  If it wasn't the Lambs, this pressure might not have been enough to be competitive.

3) Special Teams Coverage.  This was the one area that the 'Hawks were totally consistent in.  Big time check mark here.  Forced a fumble on opening kick-off, didn't allow any huge returns.  It's all you can ask for.

So, how do the 'Hawks hit on only 2 of 3 keys to the game and win a blowout - shutout - knock down dominating win?  Two things happened that I did not anticipate.

1) Defense.  The 'Hawks D played intense, hard nosed football.  Only a handful of missed tackles and non blatant.  Good ball skills and excellent cover.

2) Nate Housh-arlson. Where did these guys come from? 19 receptions for 217 and 3 TD's between them!?!?!  If this trio produces like this all year, we could be looking at a very special offense.

3) Julius 'I ain't a quitter' Jones. 18 carries for 54 yards (2.94 ypc) AND 1 for 64 (plus a TD).  I bad game turned fantastic with one rush.  Congrats to Julius and the 'Hawks offense for not abandoning the run game despite the success they were having through the air.

Here's to 9 wins in a row against the Rams and a bright outlook on the '09 season to come.  1 down 15+ to go!

Go 'Hawks!!!

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