Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keys to the Game: Week 1 vs Rams

Kickoff is about 4.5 hours away.  Here are three things I'll be hoping to see that will lead to a Seahawks victory.

1) O-Line provides the time.  As long as Matt has the time to get some early completions and first down, the running game will work.  If the 'Hawks can get some running lanes going they will be able to control the clock and keep Steven Jackson on the sidelines.

2) Sacky, sacky, sacks I love sacks.  If we get some early pressure and rattle Bulger, putting a little hurt into his body, we will force them to be even more one dimensional than we should already be expecting.  That will help our D hold the lead.

3) Special Teams Coverage.  This has been a weak spot over the years for us.  'Hawks showed in the preseason that we have a lot of talent on the bench, that should translate into some pretty special special teams.  Winning the battle for field position will allow our revamped defensive scheme the room to gamble and force turnovers, if we allow the Rams to have a short field, well it could be a long day for the Blue & Green.

Go 'Hawks!

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