Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keys to the game in review

Okay it's only fair to critique my pregame keys following the game.

1) O-Line provides the time.  Well Hass didn't get sacked even once.  Let's check this one off.

2) Sacky, sacky, sacks I love sacks.  I didn't see too much 'early' pressure, but we definitely put the hammer down over the course of the game 3 sacks and a handful of pressures (plus that near pick by Tapp in the first quarter... sweet).  Let's give this one half of a check.  If it wasn't the Lambs, this pressure might not have been enough to be competitive.

3) Special Teams Coverage.  This was the one area that the 'Hawks were totally consistent in.  Big time check mark here.  Forced a fumble on opening kick-off, didn't allow any huge returns.  It's all you can ask for.

So, how do the 'Hawks hit on only 2 of 3 keys to the game and win a blowout - shutout - knock down dominating win?  Two things happened that I did not anticipate.

1) Defense.  The 'Hawks D played intense, hard nosed football.  Only a handful of missed tackles and non blatant.  Good ball skills and excellent cover.

2) Nate Housh-arlson. Where did these guys come from? 19 receptions for 217 and 3 TD's between them!?!?!  If this trio produces like this all year, we could be looking at a very special offense.

3) Julius 'I ain't a quitter' Jones. 18 carries for 54 yards (2.94 ypc) AND 1 for 64 (plus a TD).  I bad game turned fantastic with one rush.  Congrats to Julius and the 'Hawks offense for not abandoning the run game despite the success they were having through the air.

Here's to 9 wins in a row against the Rams and a bright outlook on the '09 season to come.  1 down 15+ to go!

Go 'Hawks!!!

Keys to the Game: Week 1 vs Rams

Kickoff is about 4.5 hours away.  Here are three things I'll be hoping to see that will lead to a Seahawks victory.

1) O-Line provides the time.  As long as Matt has the time to get some early completions and first down, the running game will work.  If the 'Hawks can get some running lanes going they will be able to control the clock and keep Steven Jackson on the sidelines.

2) Sacky, sacky, sacks I love sacks.  If we get some early pressure and rattle Bulger, putting a little hurt into his body, we will force them to be even more one dimensional than we should already be expecting.  That will help our D hold the lead.

3) Special Teams Coverage.  This has been a weak spot over the years for us.  'Hawks showed in the preseason that we have a lot of talent on the bench, that should translate into some pretty special special teams.  Winning the battle for field position will allow our revamped defensive scheme the room to gamble and force turnovers, if we allow the Rams to have a short field, well it could be a long day for the Blue & Green.

Go 'Hawks!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

2009 'Hawks MVP?!?

Alright, last year was a disaster, in large part due to the ridiculous volume of injuries, so just before kicking off this year I wanted to share my thoughts on who the most important players will be for the Seahawks in '09.


Matt Hasslebeck - ok so this choice is obvious, but it is also true.  If Matt stays healthy the 'Hawks offense will be competitive.  He is a true General on the field and looks like his arsenal is fully loaded with receiving talent.  Housh, Carlson and Burleson look to be primed for big years and the signing of Edge and the emergence of Forsett as backfield receiving threats makes this years passing offense scary good... on paper.  Matt's clearly the key and until proven otherwise, the running game will be merely a distraction and a bonus for our overall offense.

John Carlson - Carlson looks like the best Seahawk's tight end ever.  'Looks like' is the key part of that.  He has to prove it this year.  If he doesn't then Housh becomes the only true possession receiver for Hass and that can not be a good thing.  Carlson also needs to step up and show us that he can be effective in blocking, both run blocks and pass protection.  With the O-Line in flagrant rebuilding / re-scheming mode there will be plenty of opportunities for Carlson to shine, or fail.


Lofa Tatupu -  Lofa is our QB on Defense, but mroe importantly in '05, '06 and '07 he was a playmaker as well.  Remember that hit in the NFC Championship that sent Carolina's last hope of a running game out with a concussion?  What about the mulit-pick game against the Eagles?  Last year Lofa was forced into a reactionary role, essentially just praying the D-Line and the Secondary didn't mess up another play and hoping to contain the damage.  This year Lofa needs to be the leader and playmaker he was.  The D-Line play is going to be key and with Big Play Babs behind him he should feel more secure.

Jordan 'Big Play' Babineaux - Jordan finally has his shot to prove his playmaking abilities are not just good timing and good luck.  A more sure tackler than Brian Russell, more athletic and better coverage skills make this transition seem like a no brainer, but like Carlson, 'Big Play' has got to prove it.  Along with the rest of the secondary, Jordan should have no more excuses with a more aggressive scheme and bigger bodied D-Line in front of them.  The free-reign to be aggressive and play the ball should work to Jordan's advantage, but the proof will definitely be in the pudding.


Starting off with a bang!

Just one day before the 'Hawks '09 opener seems like the perfect time to start a blog, and what better way to start it off than with a schedule prediction?!?

So here goes, I marked the games I believe the 'Hawks should win as W's, the games I think are going to be too close to call as S's and the games where a 'Hawks win would be surprising (and fantastic) as L's:

9/13 St. Louis Rams 1:15 p.m W
9/20 at San Francisco 49ers 1:05 p.m. S
9/27 Chicago Bears 1:05 p.m. W
10/4 at Indianapolis Colts 10 a.m. L
10/11 Jacksonville Jaguars 1:15 p.m. W
10/18 Arizona Cardinals 1:05 p.m. W
11/1 at Dallas Cowboys 10 a.m. L
11/8 Detroit Lions 1:05 p.m. W
11/15 at Arizona Cardinals 1:15 p.m. L
11/22 at Minnesota Vikings 10 a.m. L
11/29 at St. Louis Rams 10 a.m. W
12/6 San Francisco 49ers 1:15 p.m. W
12/13 at Houston Texans 10 a.m. L
12/20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:15 p.m. W
12/27 at Green Bay Packers 10 a.m. L
1/3 Tennessee Titans 1:15 p.m. S

Based on that I think the 'Hawks are going to be about .500 this year, which will be a great turn around after last years disaster.  The high end would be 10-6 and the low 8-8.  Injuries for the 'Hawks and their opponents could be key as well as who is still in contention towards the end of the year.  I certainly hope the 'Hawks surprise me and turn around their awful record on the road (even in '05 with a weak schedule they still lost 3 road games).

Total: 8 Wins, 2 Splits, 6 Losses

Home: 7 Wins, 1 Split

Road: 1 Win, 1 Split, 6 Losses

Division: 4 Wins, 1 Split, 1 Loss

Conference: 7 Wins, 1 Split, 4 Losses

Non-Conference: 1 Win, 1 Split, 2 Losses

All in all, I think the Seahawks are going to come out on top of the West this year, that week 17 game against Tennessee could be very important.  Here's to the best!